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We are taught to acquire. We go to school to acquire knowledge. We work to acquire money. When we establish businesses we want to acquire income so that we can keep our businesses viable and competitive. We are also taught that we must pay for any goods or services we acquire. Unfortunately not everyone subscribes to this philosophy, and many businesses do not get paid for the goods or services in which they provide. Needless to say, this diminishes the vitality of business.

Fortunately we have people who help organizations recover the money owed to them. The job of recovering debt is challenging and difficult. For some, it is not viewed in a favorable light. Despite these obstacles, Velo Law continues to work with unwavering jurisprudence, integrity, and respect – yielding successful outcomes to those they serve.

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Our Mission

To be the enforcement arm for collectors when ordinary requests for payment are ignored or rejected. To use the judicial system to augment and enhance our clients’ efforts, and to otherwise provide excellent debt collection services to our clients.

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Collection Services

Velo Law not only takes over the collection process for creditors when debtors refuse or otherwise neglect their financial obligations, but also works diligently with its clients to improve their in-house collection process to increase their collection success prior to charge-off and prior to turning over an account to Velo Law.

  • Pre-Collection / Early-Out
  • Standard Collections
  • Legal / Judicial Collections
  • Skip Tracing
  • Creditor Bankruptcy
  • Replevin/Claim & Delivery
  • Eviction / Foreclosure
  • Credit Reporting
  • Counter Claims Defense

Our Technology

Technology plays an integral part to collections, compliance, and client relations. Velo Law has the ability to import accounts electronically and handle all phases of an account’s collection. Velo Law has in-house collectors and access to numerous state-of-the-art commercial data sources which allows us to locate debtors who have avoided the reach of ordinary collection efforts.

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The process is simple and in just a few short minutes Velo Law can be your third-party collector.

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